Studie Gallery Art Light

by Petr Faltynek & Juerg Siegrist

Serpent. Desk and portable hand lamp I designed for Juerg Siegrist AG company. It’s a LED light meant for office, home, and any other interiors. The docking station made from one piece of metal has a function of desk lamp and decoration at once. If you need to find something under your desk or in a drawer, just grab the head light and use it like a torch.

The lamp, 51 cm high and 34 cm wide, combines two materials. It’s the silver metal and black plastics. I tried to create a harmony between the polished metal and glossy and matte finish of the plastic with a bit of texture.

The lamp is charging wirelessly every time it’s attached to the docking station. There is a magnet part inside the lamp so it’s very easy to attach the lamp to its dock. Thanks to the simplicity of the cylindrical joint with  no connector, the head can rotate around its axis.

Of course, there is a micro-USB port, which becomes very handy when the lamp needs to be charged and you are farther from the dock. No matter. You can use any USB cable from your mobile phone.

The lamp is just little bigger than a pen. So it’s light and fits every hand. The rubber handle prevents the slipping the lamp from the hands and makes it more comfortable for use. There are various patterns on the handle.

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